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 Reza Ebrahim

Reza Ebrahim was described as a used car salesman during the 1990s and maybe afterward.
(To be a used car salesman is considered an dishonest profession in Australia)
Reza Ebrahim was involved in running or athletics but was not good enough (not fast enough) to be a professional runner.
Ebrahim played for an amateur Rugby League team called Lalor Park in Sydney NSW Australia around 1985 or afterward.
Ebrahim was born to a Zulu father and an Indian mother, but he looks Zulu.
Ebrahim has an older brother called Roshan and his appearance is South Asian Indian ethnicity (not Zulu).
Ebrahim has an older sister of unknown name and her appearance is Zulu ethnicity.

[Added 10/06/2017]
Ebrahim is probably part of a harvesting conspiracy.
When groups of criminals make money from illegal activities, then they try to make the money look as though it has been earned honestly.
"Money Laundering" is terminolgy used when criminals try to make the profits of crime look like honestly earned money.
Wherever criminal groups send money to be laundered, Reza Ebrahim is possibly the face that criminals secretly look for during the process of laundering.

Reza Ebrahim is possibly involved in using the identities of innocent people.
Reza Ebrahim probably uses the name of other people when they ask who he is.
So Reza Ebrahim is a person who tries to connect his own face with the names of innocent people who have nothing to do with him.

Reza Ebrahim possibly believes that by secretly using the names of innocent people who are more intelligent than him,
that he can steal the social positions of people who are more intelligent than him.
i.e. Innocent people that are more intelligent than Reza Ebrahim are capable of getting better jobs than Reza Ebrahim,
so such intelligent people are capable of reaching a better social position than Reza Ebrahim.Ebrahim was working as a used car salesman,
and a used salemans is considered a lowly dishonest profession in the society that he grew up in.

It should be mentioned that the type of conspiracies that Reza Ebrahim is involved in probably include murdering innocent people
and enslaving innocent people, while using their identities.
To murder an intelligent person while using his identity, is to prevent an intelligent person from getting the jobs that an intelligent is capable of.
To enslave an intelligent person while using his identity, is to prevent an intelligent person from getting the jobs that an intelligent is capable of.
To murder innocent people is a method to prevent them from finding out about the stealing of identities.
To murder innocent people is a method of preventing them from helping innocent intelligent people.

In modern times, Slave Labour Devices are a method for slave traders to adversely affect the lives of innocent people.
i.e. The use of slave labour device to turn a person into a cyborg is a way to turn a person into a slave in modern times

People should simply tell what they know about such slave labour devices, rather than try to argue definitions of what slavery is,
because people who try to downplay the horrible nature of slave labour devices are invariably selfish,corrupt racists who are not honest.

People who want to argue about what slavery is should simply provide information formally about the existence of slave labour devices
so that International Courts know about them ,and if selfish corrupt racist people have anything to argue,
they can argue in International Court about what slavery is.

Reza Ebrahim has some strange connection to a Caucasian man called Alistair White. Alistair is a racist.
Alistair White has a sister called Monique White on her birth certificate.Monique White married a Caucasian Doctor.
Reza Ebrahim is probably a male prostitute. Some males prostitutes sometimes seek the company of women to look more respectable,
or perhaps to have families.
Monique White is a racist that possibly made false promises to Reza Ebrahim that she would marry him if he murdered people for her.
Australia is a racist society that pretends to be tolerant of mixed race marriages.
Reza Ebrahim because of his lowly job as car Salesman was probably not considered good enough to marry Monique White,
and as a result Reza possibly became involved in conspiracies to murder and enslave people.

Monique White is a friend of actress Toni Collette.

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 Erica and her boyfriend or husband.


  The boyfriend or husband of Erica.

  Some Elizabeth of unknown surname.
Elizabeth is known to many greeks in Australia.
Elizabeth is possibly known to Erica.